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We have paused applications for our REAL Role Model program for the time being. The reason for this is with our rapid growth, we are taking the time to reevaluate our current program. To further our mandate that ‘ you can’t be what you can’t see ‘ we need to first understand the current demographics of our REAL Role Model network and we are doing this through surveying our current role models.

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REAL (Relatable, Empowered, Active Leaders) Role Models

爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 REAL Role Models are community leaders who

  1. See the value of staying active and prioritizing health.
  2. Want to inspire self-identified girls in their community to do the same by introducing them to new sports and activities.

With more than 700 members, our REAL Role Model network volunteers thousands of hours annually, to assist in hosting our local and virtual events and programming. Ranging from professional athletes, psychologists, Paralympians and Olympians, coaches, to undergraduate students; these inspiring women provide opportunities for powerful connections with self-identified girls in their communities. 

In addition to empowering girls, our REAL Role Models also empower each other! We strive to provide a platform to build a supportive network of peers, professional connections, and make lasting high-powered friendships.

Debbie King

Sports Expert. Masters athlete and regular CBC Contributor

Erica Wiebe

Ambassador. Olympic Champion, wrestling

Jessica O’Connell

Ambassador. Olympian, athletics

Khamica Bingham

Ambassador. Olympian, athletics

Lucy Dunne

Sports Expert. Business Owner, certified personal trainer & holistic nutrition coach, 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 Event Coordinator

Natalie Spooner

Ambassador. Olympic Champion, hockey

Nikita Kalonji

Ambassador. Volleyball MVP, University of Alberta. 2019 Summit emcee

Sarah Douglas

Ambassador. Olympic hopeful, sailing

Stephanie Labbé

Ambassador. Olympic medalist. Soccer

Tammy Cunnington

Ambassador. Paralympian, swimming

Tasha Belix

Sports Expert. Speaker, Author, Psychologist. Creator of Empowering 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 curriculum modules

Abigail McCluskey – Speed Skating
Adrienne Gomes – Athletics
Alana Ramsay – Alpine Skiing
Alanna Butler – Cross Country Skiing
Alanna Goldie
Alex Gough – Luge
Alison Criscitiello – Triathlon
Allison Long – Swimming
Allison McArdle – Cross Country Skiing
Alysia Rissling – Bobsled
Amanda Nadeau – Obstacle Course Racing, Triathlon
Amanda Ntiamoah – Track and Field
Amanda Stepenko – Bobsled
Amy Kuchuk
Amy Moolyk – Weightlifting
Amy Szymanek – Basketball
Andi Carey
Angela Bishop – Alpine Skiing
Angela Driscoll – Basketball
Angela Pucci – Athletics
Angelina Claughton – Strength and Conditioning Coach
Anna Aylwin
Anna Currie – Rowing
Annika Hicks – Cross Country Skiing
Arianne Jones – Luge
Audrey Duval – Mountain Biking
Becca Gould – Athletics
Blayre Turnbull – Ice Hockey
Brandi Merritt – Taekwando
Brianna Brand – Basketball Broadcaster
Brianne Jenner – Ice Hockey
Brittany Hudak – Cross Country Skiing
Brittany Orr – Rugby
Brittany Schussler – Speed Skating
Cait Herdman – Boxing
Caitlin Kruger – Swimming
Cara Nania – Wrestling
Carla Pavan – Skeleton
Carmen Massel – Ice Hockey and Lacrosse
Casey Scheidegger – Curling
Cassidy Soltys
Cassie Hawrysh – Skeleton
Catherine Vipond – Mountain Biking
Catrina Grant – Alpine Skiing
Chandra Crawford – Cross Country Skiing
Chaz Cheung – Canoeing
Chelsea Bradley – Baseball
Chelsea Deschamps – Rowing
Chett Matchett – Rugby
Christine Goode – Running
Christine Leslie – Triathlon
Colleen Nesbitt – Rowing
Courtney Shmyr – Speed Skating Short Track
Courtney Kruschel – Rowing
Dahria Beatty – Cross Country Skiing
Danica Josefchak – Rugby
Danielle Lappage – Wrestling
Danielle Letain – Yoga
Danielle Wotherspoon-Gregg – Speed Skating Long Track
Danita Harty – Softball
Deborah Williams – Cycling
Dr. Kimberley Amirault-Ryan – Sport Psychology, Ice Hockey
Elana Lovell – Ice Hockey
Elly Strother – Tennis
Emily Baadsvik – Bobsled
Emily Cheffins – High Diving
Emily Dickson – Biathlon
Emily Gray – Volleyball
Emily Malcolm-MacLeod – Skeleton
Emily Nishikawa – Cross Country Skiing
Emily Slaneff
Emma Camicioli – Cross Country Skiing
Emma Holmes – Cross Country Skiing
Emma Lunder – Biathlon
Erica Kromm – Ice Hockey
Erica Wiebe – Wrestling
Erin Yungblut – Biathlon
Erin Zelinkski – Registered Psychologist, Swimming
Genevieve Lacasse – Ice Hockey
Georgie Fear – Nutritionist
Georgie Islip – Ultra Running
Grace Dafoe – Skeleton
Haley Irwin – Ice Hockey
Haley Myhre
Hannah Clark – Speed Skating
Hannah Franson – Wrestling
Hannah Kaminski – Weightlifting
Hannah Ritchie – Soccer
Hayleigh Cudmore – Ice Hockey
Hayley Gulayets – Registered Dietitian
Heather McDermid – Rowing
Heather McLean – Speed Skating LT
Heidi Widmer – Cross Country Skiing
Helen Upperton – Bobsled
Isabelle Weidemann – Speed Skating LT
Ivanie Blondin – Speed Skating LT
Jackie Fuga – Taekwando
Jaclyn LaBerge – Skeleton
Jacqueline Dumas – Yoga
Jaelyn Fugel – Gymnastics
Jaime Bellows – Rowing
Jane Channell – Skeleton
Jenna Westaway – Track and Field: 800m & 1500m
Jennette Allum
Jennifer Slater – Rock Climbing
Jess Kryski
Jessica Gregg – Speed Skating ST
Jessica Groeneveld – White Water Kayaking Slalom
Jessica O’Connell – Track and Field
Jessica Sparrow – Boxing
Jessie Haughian – Curling
Jill Lynch – Volleyball
Jill Watson – Triathlon
Josée Theoret – Rowing
Josie Morrison – Speed Skating
Julia Ransom – Biathlon
Julie Stockdale
Julie Taylor
Justine Bouchard – Wrestling
Kaillie Humphries – Bobseld
Kaleigh Park – Amateur Boxing, Rugby
Kandy Wyatt – Boxing
Karen Messenger – Biathlon / Cross Country Ski Coach
Kasia Gruchalla-Wesierski – Rowing
Kate Hanly – Speed Skating LT
Kate O’Brien – Cycling
Kate Plant – Rowing
Kate Rozendaal – Volleyball
Kate Vanderbeek – Swimming
Katelyn Coleman – Swimming
Katherine Plouffee – Basketball
Kathryn Schneider – Physiotherapist
Katrina Holmquist – Rugby
Kaylin Irvine – Speed Skating ST
Kelly VanderBeek – Alpine Skiing
Kelsey Hohol – Soccer
Keri Morrison – Speed Skating LT
Kiera Lyons – Basketball
Kimberley McRae – Luge
Kimberly McLean – Triathlon
Kira Makuk – Ice Hockey
Kirsten Kirwer

Kirsti Lay – Cycling**
Kris Cannon – Triathlon
Krista Kinsman Flaman – Volleyball
Kristen Bunjowski – Bobsled
Laura Brown – Cycling
Laura Elizabeth Crack – Speed Skating
Lauren Wilson – Swimming
Laurence Dumais – Cross Country Skiing
Lea Norris –
Leanna Carriere – Pole Vault
Leanne Coleman – Football
Leanne Junnila – Motorsport
Liah Harvie – Cycling
Lindsay Glassford – Triathlon
Liz Janze – Bobsled
Lucy Dunne – Strength/Weight Training
Lyndsey Mincher – Apline Skiing
Lynne Wade – Volleyball
Mackenzie Stewart – Bobsled
Maddison Drader
Maddison Pearman – Speed Skating
Maddison Charney – Skeleton
Madison Koekkoek – Ice Hockey
Maeghen Cotterill – Kickboxing
Maggie Tucker – Kickboxing
Makena Hodgson – Luge
Maria Bernard-Galea – Athletics
Maria Samson – Rugby
Marianne Leeson – Snowboarding
Marion Fisher – Badminton
Marsha Hudey – Speed Skating LT
Maya MacIsaac-Jones – Cross Country Skiing
Megan Imrie – Biathlon
Melanie McCann – Pentathlon
Melissa Bishop – Athletics
Melissa Litchfield – Football
Melissa Lotholz – Bobsled
Melissa Lowe – Bobsled
Micaela Widmer – Skeleton
Michelle Cameron Coulter – Synchronized Swimming**
Michelle Chow – Triathlon
Michelle Plouffe – Basketball**
Miranda Kirker – Rowing
Mirela Rahneva – Skeleton**
Morgan Rogers – Cross Country Skiing
Nadia Moser – Biathlon
Nancy Hamilton
Nancy Roney – Rugby
Natasha Bodnarchuk – Ski Jumping
Natasia Barieur – Biathlon
Nicole Bauer – Athletics
Nicole Burt – Figure Skating
Nicole Luchanski – Baseball
Nicole Oudenaarden – Heptathlon
Nikita Kalonji – Basketball / Volleyball
Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt – Cross Country Skiing
Olivia McMurray – Cheerleading, Rowing
Patricia Jaworski – Austrailian Football
Quinn Fitzgerald – Golf
Rachael McIntosh – Heptathlon
Rachel Hall – Wrestling
Rachel Paul – Ice Hockey
Rachelle Howse – Basketball
Rebecca Johnston – Ice Hockey
Rebecca Reid – Cross Country Skiing
Rosanna Crawford – Biathlon
Sabrina Notarangelo – Bobsled
Samantha Big Swallow – Football
Samantha Warkman
Sara Hall – Cycling
Sara Morris –
Sara Poidevin – Cycling
Sara Renner – Cross Country Skiing**
Sarah Beaudry – Biathlon
Sarah McNaughton – Soccer
Sarah Orban – Cycling
Sarah Sumner – Swimming
Sarah Van Tine (McPherson) – Triathlon
Savannah Foged – Kayaking
Shabniz Hirji – Rugby
Shannon Fox
Shauna Biddulph
Shawnee Harle – Basketball Coach
Shelley Kuhn (Collier) – Strength and Conditioning Trainer
Sidney McGill – Cycling
Sienna Prince-McpHerson – Soccer
Stephana Cherak – Athletics
Stephanie Bergeron – Speed Skating
Susan Massitti – Speed Skating**
Suzanne Hamilton – Road Cycling
Svenja Espenhahn
Sydney Gummerson – Soccer
Sydney Roth – Alpine Skiing
Sydney Tait – Soccer
Tam Rosnau – Basketball
Tamara Davies
Tamara Oudenaarden – Speed Skating LT
Tammara Francis – Boxing
Tammy Cunnington – Swimming
Tara McNeil
Tara Newbigging – Personal Trainer
Tara Sliwkanich – Baseball
Tara Whitten – Track Cycling
Tasha Belix – Psychologist
Taylor Henrich – Ski Jumping**
Terri Whitehead
Tessa VanDerVeeken – Rowling
Tianna Kennett – Wrestling
Tracy Hillis – Diving, Cycling
Tricia Oshiro – Archery
Valeriya Volkova – Gymnastics
Victoria Spence – Speed Skating LT
Yasmine Chamseddine
Zina Kocher – Biathlon
Zoe Dahl – Basketball
Zoe Roy – Cross Country Skiing

Adrea Propp – Athletics
Adrienne Cook – Soccer
Alannah Yip – Climbing
Aleesha Bird
Alexa Loo – Snowboarding**
Alicia Perrin – Volleyball
Allison Campbell Urness – Road Biking
Allison Vest – Rock Climbing
Alysson Marshall – Para Cross Country Skiing
Amanda Plomp – Track and Field
Amanda Sin – Mountain Biking
Andrea Burk – Rugby
Anna Talman – Cycling
Arianna Merritt – Rowing / Kayaking
Becca Frangos –
Brittany Waters – Rugby
Brooke Campbell
Bryana van Leeuwen – Cross Country Skiing
Bunny Hughes – Field Hockey
Carling Zeeman – Rowing
Casey Atkin – Athletics
Catharine Pendrel – Mountain Biking**
Catherine Watkins – Athletics
Chantelle Groenewoud – Track and Field
Charity Williams – Rugby**
Ciara Hanly – Volleyball
Darcy Hortness – Rowing
Darcy Marquardt – Rowing**
Devan Wiebe – Athletics
Diana De Man – Athletics
Drew Mechielsen – Cycling
Elissa Lok – Cylcing
Ellen Connor – Boxing
Emily Ertel – Cross Country Skiing
Emily Raymond – Kayaking
Emily Young – Para Cross Country Skiing
Erina Attwell – Cycling
Erin Ready – Track and Field
Erin Teschuk – Athletics
Eva Poidevin – Cycling
Georgia Simmerling – Ski Cross**
Gillian Gowling – Biathlon
Grace Fetherstonhaugh – Track and Field
Hilary Caldwell – Swimming
Hilary Leith – Rugby
Issy Venables – Rugby
Isabella Bertold – Sailing**
Jaclyn Stelmaszyk – Rowing
Jacquelyn Novak – Softball
Jamie Broder – Beach Volleyball**
Jen Yee – Softball**
Jennifer Hood – Gymnastics
Jill Moffatt – Para Cycling
Jill Yoneda – Swimming
Joanie Caron – Para Cycling
Josephine Kwan – Kinesiologist
Julie Van Veelen – Triathlon
Kaila Holtz – Softball**
Kala Stone – Track and Field
Kamilah Wilson – Dancing
Katelynn Ramage – Athletics
Katherine Force – Triathlon
Kathleen Leahy – Field Hockey
Katie Hamilton – Soccer
Kayla Dodson – Ice Hockey
Kendra Pomfret – Track and Field
Kehla Guimond – Rugby
Kori Hol – Bobsled
Krista Guloien – Rowing**
Kristen Moncks – Volleyball
Krystal Mark – Dance
Larissa Black – Biathlon
Laryssa Biesenthal – Rowing**
Leah Hall – Soccer
Lesley Miasey – Traithlon
Lina Augaitis
Lucy Charuk – Volleyball
Mandy-Rae Krack – Freediving
Mariah Kelly – Track and Field
Marni Abbott-Peter – Wheelchair Basketball**
Meg Lewis-Schneider – Road Running
Megan Coll – Dance
Megan Cyr – Volleyball
Meghann VanderVliet – Track and Field
Meghan Grant – Cycling
Mikayla Martin – Alpine Skiing
Mollie Jepson – Alpine Skiing
Natalie Benoit – Biathlon
Nicola Symonds – Track and Field
Nicole Hare – Rowing
Niki Kelly – Snowboarding
Nikola Girke – Sailing**
Nora Pickett – Dancing
Rachel Cliff – Distance Running
Rachel Francois – Track and Field: 800m
Robin Ball – Softball
Samantha Murphy – Athletics
Samantha Rodgers – Soccer
Sandra Jean Hartley – Gymnastics, Cycling**
Sara Kaljuvee – Rugby
Sarah Coney – Cycling
Sarah Craven – Rowing
Sarah Inglis – Athletics
Sarah Kadi – Tennis
Sarah MacPherson – Athletics
Sarah McMillan – Triathlon
Sarah Moore – Cycling
Savannah King – Swimming**
Shanda Hill – Triathlon
Shandia Cordingley – Sport Physiotherapist
Sonya Looney – Cycling
Stefanie Fleckenstein – Alpine Skiing
Tamsen Simon – Swimming
Taryn Suttie – Shot Put**
Tassy Davidson – Alpine Skiing
Taylyr Dickinson
Tuppy Hoehn – Biathlon**
Zoe Clarke – Fencing

Bailey Bram – Ice Hockey
Desiree Scott – Soccer**
Janine Stephens – Rowing
Leah Ferguson – Wrestling**

Grace Annear – Track and Field
Jamie Macdonald
Laura Dickinson – Athletics
Samantha Stewart – Wrestling

Ailish McNulty – Kayaking
Alanna Bray-Lougheed – Kayaking
Alexa Irvin – Canoe / Kayak
Alexandra Mclaughlan-Richards – Gymnastics
Anna Negulic – Kayaking
Anna Simonds – Rugby
Antonia Chircop – Rowing
Ashley Card – Canoeing
Ellie Black – Gymnastics**
Emily Jago – Rowing
Erin Rafuse – Sailing**
Genevieve Orton – Kayaking**
Grace Whebby – Kayaking
Hannah MacIntosh – Canoe / Kayak
Hannah Vaughan – Kayaking
Heather Hamilton – Athletics
Isabel Sarty – Swimming
Jane Girgulis – Kayaking
Jenna Pelham – Rowing
Jessica Telizyn – Rowing
Jill D’Alessio – Kayaking**
Justine Colley-Leger
Kalli Hood – Volleyball
Karen Furneaux – Kayaking
Katie Vincent – Canoeing
Kayla Miller – Rowing
Keli Marshall – Triathlon
Kimiko Zakreski – Snowboarding**
Laura Hall – Soccer
Lisa Ross – Sailing**
Lorena Heubach – Athletics
Mackenzie Myatt – Cycling
Madeline Schmidt – Kayaking
Maggie Henderson – Kayaking
Molly Lash-Burrows – Soccer
Morgan Macintosh – Soccer
Robertha Charles – Basketball
Sam Morse – Kayaking
Sarah Charnock – Soccer
Sarah Conrad – Snowboarding**
Stacie Smith – Ice Hockey
Sophie Inkpen – Rowing
Tina Wilkinson – Football
Trysten Deveau – Karate
Una Lounder – Kayaking

Ainka Jess – Founder, Shes4Sports
Alana Ferguson – Karate
Alannah MacLean – Cross Country Skiing
Alexa Vanderhorst – Rugby
Alexandra Scardamaglia – Dancing, Fencing

Alexandria Town – Wrestling
Ali Hunter – Alpine Skiing
Ali van Yzendoorn – Cycling
Alison Pouw – Cross Country Skiing
Allison High – Track and Field
Alyssa Mainwood – Alpine Skiing
Amanda Truelove – Athletics
Amelia Walsh – BMX Racing
Amina Sherif – Pole Vault
Anastasia Boldireff – Swimming

Anastasia Bucsis – LT Speed Skating**
Andrea Seccafien – Track and Field**
Angela Whyte – Athletics
Anjelika Reznik – Gymnastics**
Annamay Pierse – Swimming**
Anne O’Neill – Tennis
Annika Richardson – Cross Country Skiing
April Boultbee – Ultra Running
Ashlyn Karosas, Swimming
August Sibthorpe, Kayaking
Avery Reeves, Ice Hockey
Becca Brennan – Track and Field
Becca King – Ice Hockey
Bella Cantin – Soccer
Beth McCharles – Soccer
Bethany McChesney – Obstacle Course Racing
Bobbi Burford – Ice Hockey
Britney Holmberg – Firefighter
Brittany Crew – Shot Put**
Caitlin Genovy – Volleyball
Caitlyn Longmuir – Basketball
Camille Hamm – Cross Country Skiing
Candice Moxley – Ice Hockey
Carline Young – Judo

Carol Love – Rowing
Carolyn Adams – Track and Field
Carrie Lightbound Buday – Kayaking**
Cassandra Parker
Charlotte Batty – Cycling
Cheryl Pounder – Ice Hockey**
Cheryl Willberg – Boxing
Chloe Segal – Speed Skating
Claire Carver-Dias – Synchronized Swimming
Courtney Stott – Kayaking
Cynthia Appiah – Bobsled
Dana Stewart – Figure Skating
Dania Simmonds – Ice Hockey
Danielle Boyd – Sailing**
Danielle Campo McLeod – Para Swimming**
Debbie Collins
Debbie King – Track and Field
Devon Skeats – Ice Hockey
Devanyani Biswal – Athletics
Eliza Wallace – Synchronized Swimming
Elizabeth Forbes – Track and Field
Elsa Lalonde – Hand Road Cycling
Emilie Stewart-Jones – Cross Country Skiing
Emily Marcolini – Cycling
Emily Jago – Rowing
Emily Flynn – Cycling
Emily Marcolini – Cycling
Emily VanDamme
Emma Waddington – Orienteering (Adventure Running)
Emmalee Nother
Erica Gavel – Wheelchair Basketball**
Erica Howe – Ice Hockey
Erica Leonard – Cycling
Erin Ambrose – Ice Hockey
Erin Cameron – Cycling
Erin Markle – Ringette
Eseroghene Omene – Track and Field-400m
Fielding Montgomery – Ice Hockey
Fiona Maude – Archery
Gabriela Estrada – Soccer
Genevieve Lalonde – Steeplechase**
Gillian Hague – Alpine Skiing

Gillian Golosky

Grace VandenBroek – Rowing
Haley Smith – Mountain Biking
Hayley Conrad – Kayaking
Hayley Graham – Softball
Haylie Burton
Heather Zunic – Cycling
Heidi Hayes – Volleyball
Hillary Lowry – Cycling**
Jaclyn Sutton
Jamie Lee Rattray – Ice Hockey
Jasmin Aggarwal – Triathlon
Jasmine Quinn – Boxing
Jelaget Tubei – Personal Trainer
Jenn Jackson – Mountain biking
Jenn Jaquith – Soccer
Jennifer Edgar – Swimming
Jessica Brugess – Boxing
Jessica Hartwick – Ice Hockey
Jessica Kuepfer – Running
Jessica Tudos – Gymnastics**
Jill Barr – Volleyball
Joanna Brown – Triathlon
Julia Wilkinson – Swimming**
Kaitlyn Lehbert
Kara Stirling – Softball
Karen Cockburn – Trampoline**
Karolina Urban – Ice Hockey
Kate Ayers – Athletics
Kate Van Buskirk – Athletics
Katherine Bearne – Soccer
Katherine Stewart-Jones – Cross Country Skiing
Kathryn Grabowski – Basketball
Katie Tsuyuk – Snowboarding**
Katrina Allison – Athletics
Kayla Greenberg – Track and Field
Kayla Hamill
Kellie Casey – Alpine Skiing**
Kellie Ring – Basketball
Kelsey Wright Johnson – Basketball

Kelsey Mitchell – Cycling
Keltie John – Track and Field
Kelty Apperson – Ice Hockey
Kendall Hill – Rugby
Kendra Rosychuk – Ice Hockey
Khamica Bingham – Athletics-100m Sprinter**
Kim Brassor – Soccer
Kimberly Hyacinthe – Athletics
Korissa Williams – Basketball
Kristen Marchant – Triathlon
Kristen Richards – Ice Hockey
Kristin Gauthier – Kayaking**
Kristina Ejem – Boxing
Lanni Marchant – Marathon and 10,000m**
Larisa Yurkiw – Alpine Skiing**
Laura Fortino – Ice Hockey**
Laura Amoi – Athletics
Laura Brooks – Ice Hockey
Laura Fortino – Ice Hockey
Laura Williams – Cross Country Skiing
Lauren Temperley – Rugby
Lea Sheffield – Judo
Leah Kirchmann – Cycling**
Leah Sherriff – Triathlon
Lindsay Grigg – Ice Hockey
Lindsay Inkila – Basketball
Lindsay Webster – Obstacle Course Racing
Lindsay Eastwood – Hockey

Lisa Aucoin

Lisa Weagle – Curling

Lisle Compton – Cross Country Skiing
Liz Knox – Ice Hockey

Lizzie Leckie – Canoeing
Lois Betteridge – Canoeing

Lori Josephson – Rugby
Lynton Lam – Athletics

Madeline Marsh – Ice Hockey

Madeline Yungblut – Cross Country Running

Madison Erhardt – Ice Hockey
Madison Wilson-Walker – Athletics

Makaya Dafoe – Figure skating, softball
Mandy Bujold – Boxing**
Maria Halavrezos – Canoeing

Maria Procopio – Canoeing
Marilyn Ailey – Cycling
Marissa Kassam –
Marnie McBean – Rowing**
Meagan Aarts – Ice Hockey
Meaghan Marton – Track and Field
Megan Lukan – Rugby**

Meghan McGill

Melanie Boultbee – Running

Melanie Chambers – Cycling
Melissa Wronzberg – Ice Hockey
Meredith Bawks – Alpine Skiing
Mia Serratore – Cycling
Micaella Riche – Basketball
Michaela Gosselin – Alpine Skiing
Michelle Pitman – Judo

Milla Tarnopolsky
Miriam Lesa – Tennis
Molly Hurford – Cycling
Morgan Court – Curling

Mzia Lee Pottie – Biathlon
Nancy Sweetnam – Swimming**

Naomi van Walraven – Kayaking
Natalie Hamel – Cycling
Natalie Spooner – Ice Hockey
Natalie Davison – Kayaking

Natlie Topp – Track and field
Natalie Maugeri – Snowboarding-Slopestyle

Natascha Piciga – Cycling
Nicole Kosta – Ice Hockey

Nicole Woodcroft – Field Hockey
Nikkita Holder – 100m Hurdler**
Noelle Montcalm – Athletics**

Olivia Burnie – Volleyball
Olivia Coady – Boxing

Olivia Mew –

Olivia Pucci – Kayaking

Rachelle Hannah – Athletics
Rachelle Viinberg – Rowing**
Rhonda Taylor – Ice Hockey

Romy Hansen – Rowing

Rose LaBreche – Rugby

Roz Shepherd – Rowing
Ruby West – Cycling

Ryli Valliere – Archery
Sabrina Sullivan (Lefort) – Cross Country + Track
Sadie White – Cycling
Sam Eyles – Rugby
Samantha Bisnaire – Alpine Skiing
Samantha Cornett – Squash
Samantha Klus – Triathlon

Sami Jo Small – Ice Hockey
Sara Villani – Track and Field
Sarah Douglas – Sailing
Sarah Fabbro – Cycling
Sarah Kwajafa – Track and Field

Sarah MacDonald – Swimming
Sarah Pavan – Beach Volleyball**

Sarah Stovold – Gymnastics
Sarah Wells – Athletics**
Sarit Winstok – Soccer
Sasha Gollish – Track and Field
Shanice Marcelle – Volleyball
Sharon Donnelly – Triathlon**
Shauna Kuebeck – Wrestling
Siobhan Kelly – Cycling
Soren Meeuwisse – Cycling

Stephanie Jameson
Stephanie Simone – Athletics
Stephanie Slopianka – Tennis
Stephanie Struthers (nee Richardson) – Swimming**
Sultana Frizell – Hammer Throw**
Sydney Authier – Ice Hockey
Sydney Boyes – Rowing

Sydney Spooner – Volleyball
Tania Pettitt – Ringette
Taylor Learmont
Taylor Mihail – Soccer
Taylor Woods – Ice Hockey
Tess Wortley – Cross Country Skiing

Toshka Besharah – Kayaking
Valerie Hould-Marchand – Synchronized Swimming**
Valerie te Riele – Soccer

Veronica Bernard – Curling

Victoria McIntyre – Bobsled
Wanda Prochazka – Ultra Running
William Lampe – Alpine Skiing

Zoe Hipel – Gymnastics
Zoe Mackintosh – Volleyball

Astrid Nyame – Athletics
Beth Thomson – Athletics
Corrina Kennedy – Kayaking
Courtney Hufsmith – Athletics
Darcy Ratt – Lacrosse
Debra-Jane Wright – Cycling
Heather Hynes – Swimming
Jackie Martin
Jaime Cruickshank – Bobsled**
Jessica Frotten – Para Athletics
Jessica Furlan – Athletics
Keely Shaw – Cycling
Kelcee Kennedy – Curling
Kelsie Hendry – Athletics**
Kia Schollar (nee Byers) – Kayaking
Kya Kennedy – Curling
Melanie Chasmar – Athletics
Miranda Biletski – Wheelchair Rugby**
Natasha Kramble – Wrestling
Samantha Matheson – Soccer and Rugby
Tiffany Armstrong Plower – Soccer
Wendy Stevenson – Taekwondo

Alexandria Tessier – Rugby

Alizee Brien – Road Cycling
Allyson Gillard – Road Cycling

Ambrosia Cantin – Volleyball
Andreanne Langlois – Canoe / Kayak**

Ariane Fortin – Boxing
Ariane Lavigne – Snowboarding**
Arianne Laverdiere – Taekwondo
Audrey Lacroix – Swimming**
Audrey McManiman – Snowboarding
Bronwyn Williams – Cross Country Skiing
Camille Pepin – Cross Country skiing

Caroline Calvé – Snowboarding
Christine Robinson – Water Polo**
Cindy Ouellet – Wheelchair Basketball**
Claude Godbout – Biathlon
Claudia Holzner – Synchronized Swimming
Dorothy Yeats – Wrestling**
Elise Marcotte – Synchronized Swimming**
Emilie Fournel – Kayaking**

Evelyne Gagnon – Cycling
Fabiola Forteza – Rugby
Frederique Vezina – Cross Country Skiing

Gabrielle Davidson – Ice Hockey

Genevieve Royer

Gillian Ferrari – Ice Hockey
Hannah Boshari – Soccer
Jacqueline Simoneau – Synchronized Swimming**
Janie Guimond – Volleyball

Jewelia Orlick – Canoeing
Joanie Cote – Biathlon
Joelle Bekhazi – Water Polo
Karen Lukanovich – Canoe / Kayak**
Karen Paquin – Rugby**
Karol-Ann Canuel – Cycling**

Kayla Morin-Blanchette

Kim St. Pierre – Ice Hockey
Laura Leclair – Cross Country Skiing
Laurence Vincent Lapointe – Canoeing
Laurie Arseneault – Cycling
Laurie Dumas – Road Cycling
Lex Albrecht – Road Cycling
Lissa Bissonnette – Kayaking
Lizanne Murphy – Basketball**
Lyne Bessette – Cycling**
Madison MacKenzie – Kayaking
Maghalie Rochette – Mountain Biking
Marie-Claude Molnar – Para Cycling**
Marie-Eve Croteau – Para Cycling**
Marie-Helene Thibeault – Alpine Skiing
Marie-Pier Couillard – Swimming
Martine Dugrenier – Wrestling**
Melissa Corbo – Freestyle Ski / Aerial

Ngalula Fuamba – Rugby
Odile Leteller – Boxing

Piaper Veinotte – Biathlon
Rosanna Tomiuk – Waterpolo
Sarah Bergeron-Larouche – Running
Sarah Dostie-Menard – Mountain Biking
Sarah Vegas Dubois -Kayaking
Shae Fournier – Water Polo
Sophie Carrier-Laforte – Cross Country Skiing
Stephanie Bernier – Rugby
Stephanie Valin – Water Polo

Talia Hennessy – Rugby
Tawnya Danis – Ice Hockey
Tove Halvorsen – Cross Country Skiing
Valerie Maltais – ST Speed Skating**
Valerie Meunier – Mountain Biking
Vanessa Knight – Para Alpine Skiing
Willa Mason – Canoe Slalom
Zoe Williams – Cross Country Skiing

Stephanie Dixon – Swimming


Become a 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 Role Model!

To join our team of over 700 REAL Role Models, you must:

  • Commit to attending at least one 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 event per year on a volunteer basis.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a strong connection to sport and physical activity (athlete, coach, instructor, expert, or someone who attributes their current path to lessons learned through sports)
  • Be aligned with 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆’s inclusive identity, and share our values and mission.
  • Be positive, energetic, and open to public speaking and volunteering with youth.
  • Allow 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 and our sponsors to use your name and image in the promotion of the organization and our events.
  • Help us promote 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 events by sharing details over social media and by reaching out to your sport network.
  • Participate in 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 fundraising.
  • Agree to wear 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 apparel featuring our sponsor’s logos.

In return, 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 agrees to:

  • Provide you with a meaningful way to connect with future leaders and to create life-changing moments of inspiration for girls.
  • Provide leadership opportunities through volunteerism in your community.
  • Profile you as a 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 REAL Role Model at events you attend.
  • Promote your personal achievements via our social media channels.
  • Provide you with an electronic copy of the 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 logo for use on your website, email signature, and social media accounts.
  • Support you in identifying yourself a 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 Role Model on your resume and provide reference letters as needed.

Role Model Stories

“Strong women support others. Thanks to 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆, I’ve been supported by an entire community of women. I started as an Ambassador of the program in 2013, in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging young women in sport and physical wellbeing. Little did I realize how profound an influence the program itself would have on me ; over these last seven years, I’ve met resilient leaders, kind hearts, and giving spirits. With every Champ Chat, I’ve been encouraged. 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 is founded in the fundamentally positive aspects of sport, but it’s given me the opportunity to see a passion of mine outside of athletics: education. With 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 as a referee, I confidently applied to Wilfred Laurier’s Education program, and was accepted to its intermediate program: I’ll be teaching environmental science and physics, and plan to coach Track & Field/Cross-Country programs. I am a proud to be a life-long Ambassador of 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆.”   – Jenna Westaway , Athletics

Application Process

We have paused applications for our REAL Role Model program for the time being. The reason for this is with our rapid growth, we are taking the time to reevaluate our current program. To further our mandate that ‘ you can’t be what you can’t see ‘ we need to first understand the current demographics of our REAL Role Model network and we are doing this through surveying our current role models. 

  • You will receive a confirmation email after we have received your 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 REAL Role Model application.
  • 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 reviews applications as often as we can – and aim for quarterly. At the end of each quarter, a member of the 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 team will send successful applicants an acceptance letter via email.
  • If you have questions, please email us at .
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