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Social Change – Equality

We wake up and start most days the same way: eating a hearty breakfast; drinking coffee; brushing our teeth; getting ready for the day. Soon after we head out for a training session on the field, to the gym, or…

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Spread the Love

Spread the Love is at the heart of both my athletic career and my daily life. I have been involved in sport since I was a child and over the years there were moments when I really enjoyed what I…

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The theme “Empowerment” has so much meaning to me, because I believe there is a unique and much-needed leader in all of us! Being confident and loving who you are is when you are at your most powerful, and I…

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When I began Ski Jumping at the age of nine, there was no such thing as a "Women’s Ski Jumping" event in the Olympics. This fact didn’t deter me from the sport; instead, it motivated me to continue pushing myself…

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