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Dear 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 Community,

What an incredible year it has been for Canadian women athletes in sport!

I’ve reflected a lot about this past summer in Tokyo, bringing home gold as the goalkeeper for our Canadian Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, and what winning gold means for me and for girls across the country.

I am thrilled to be part of this new generation of women athletes who can help inspire girls to dream big, build their confidence, and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

And yet, I recently read that one out of every four girls who play sports don’t plan on returning because of the pandemic. It saddens me to know that we are on the brink of changing the landscape for women in sports while the same opportunities to keep girls active and healthy in sport and play may lose steam. 

This is why I am writing to you today to ask you to support 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 this November and for #GivingTuesday. For a national girls’ charity, they do a lot with very little. Every donation makes a difference.

Donate for #GivingTuesday

爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 is on a mission to keep self-identified girls active in sports and physical activities. With our local Role Models, we leverage sports and physical activities to bring powerful moments of connection and fun to girls ages  8-14.

I’ve attended 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 events in the past, and I’ve seen the excitement, high energy and impact on the girls! Their faces light up, and they are energized! They know they can try new sports and physical activities. And even when they are losing in play, because they are moving, they are still winning in life.

Please join me today in supporting 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆’s unique programs to keep girls moving in sports and play and DONATE to their #GivingTuesday campaign. When girls see themselves in 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆’s Role Models, they can see the possibilities for their future. We can become what we see!

High Five,

Steph Labbé

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