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March is Nutrition Month in Canada! This year’s theme, developed by the Dietitians of Canada, is Find YOUR Healthy!
At 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆, we’re pushing back against simplified notions of ‘a healthy meal’ & ‘rules’, and we’re sharing examples of how
🍝Culture & Food Traditions,
👩‍⚕️Health Conditions,
🛒 and Personal Circumstances all influence what healthy eating can look like.
We spoke with Mom of 3, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and Founder of Hockey Snacks, Seanna Thomas, to find out what “Finding Your Healthy” means to her:
Many people believe since I am a Nutritionist, that I eat well ALL THE TIME, and this simply isn’t true. Food is fuel, but it can also be fun! While I certainly do my best to eat well 80% of the time, I allow myself the other 20% to indulge and enjoy foods that make me feel happy, comforted, or to celebrate!
Finding my healthy means feeling really good on the inside and the outside. It means being able to run and play with my kids, it means feeling strong and comfortable in my skin-so I can be an example to my daughter, and girls everywhere.
Great insight, Seanna! Healthy looks and feels different for everyone! There’s no one-size or one-solution fits all in nutrition. Luckily, Seanna also shared her popular pecan granola recipe with us.
“A lthough it may not seem overly cultural, my family goes back many generations here in Canada, so maple syrup and Canadian oats are staples!”. 
Seanna, proves that you can uphold traditional eats, enjoy delicious foods and still enjoy a nutritious snack. Learn more about Hockey Snacks by visiting –
Learn how you can continue to keep girls healthy and active in sports by Supporting 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 in our mission .
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