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COVID-19 has changed the way that many organizations operate and serve communities. As we emerge from these challenging times, return to play, physical activities and sports will be more important than ever.

Active Even From Home

At 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆, we’ve had to pivot our traditionally in-person events to go virtual in our mission to keep all self-identified girls active and healthy in sports. Since pivoting in March 2020, we’ve successfully hosted over 240 hours of online events and programming. As we continue looking ahead and planning our programming and events for 2021, we are also prioritizing a more streamlined fund development strategy by resetting or current plan and partnering with a professional fundraising consultant.


Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund

Under the Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund, we are grateful recipients of a $15,000 grant to help 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 complete a key reset activity necessitated by the impact of COVID-19. As one of 668 sport and recreation organizations across Canada to receive grant funding from Jumpstart. The grant will be used to Reset Fund Development with creation of a new Strategic Fundraising Plan, including an assessment of current fundraising activities, plans for new and adaptive methods of raising funds for the charity and training for the board and key organization contributors. Along with Jumpstart, 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 understands the role sport plays in the health and well-being of kids and their families and are doing everything possible to help community sports continue. The goal of Reset Fund Development with creation of a new Strategic Fundraising Plan is to establish funding streams that are more predictable, sustainable and flexible for the current COVID-19 environment and our desired future growth state. We know this is just a stopgap and there’s more work to be done, but we’re doing our part

To learn more about how you can support 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆 visit our Donation Page .
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