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R.E.A.L. Role Model Samantha Stewart here! I’m an athlete on the Canada Wrestling Lutte national team and have been competing on the world stage for a decade.

I also have 3 university degrees in Kinesiology, Psychology, and Counselling. I have a passion for helping others discover their purpose, achieve their aspirations, and reach their potential which I do through motivational speaking, group workshops, and individual mindset coachin g.

I’ve combined my academic and athletic knowledge to put together my tips on setting goals in this Infographic .

Here are my “5 P’s of Goal Setting” to help you set short-term goals for today in service of your long-term outcome goals! My long-term goal right now is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games next summer! The 5 P’s help me set productive goals for my workouts right now that will help me achieve my long-term goal in the future, because long-term success is the result of consistent daily practice.
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