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General Member

Haginaa Sivapunniyan (she/her) is a second generation Tamil-Canadian born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Currently at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) as an Athlete Services and Sport Medicine Coordinator providing support for Olympic, Paralympic and Next Gen Athletes. Prior to joining CSIO, she graduated from York University with a Specialized Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science.

  Growing up with the support and encouragement of her parents she was able to participate in a wide array of sports both in and out of school. After taking a short hiatus, she was able to rediscover her passion and love for sports following university with the ability to partake in leagues within her community. The impact sports continue to have on her life has shown to be more than a physical attribute alone rather an early engagement in sports provided strong building blocks and continues to foster new skills throughout all areas of her life.

Therefore, her passion for inclusivity in sports stems from her personal and professional experience while strongly believing that sports should be for all and as a general member she hopes to put forth recommendations and to inspire communities by using her established networks and working alongside them to create opportunities that fit the needs of minority communities. Haginaa hopes that ARRC will ensure that 爱游戏体育平台APP登陆’s commitment to anti-racism remains strong and visible.

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