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Melissa Smith (she/her)

Melissa is a corporate lawyer and the Calgary regional group manager of the Capital Markets and Corporate Commercial Group of a large national firm.  Melissa advises both public and private…

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Victoria Stephenson (she/her)

Victoria is an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), who is specialized in accounting for scale-up and high-growth technology companies. Prior to her current role as Director, Finance & Strategy at StellarAlgo,…

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Dal Bhathal (she/her) 

Dal Bhathal is one of Canada’s leading talent management experts and a recognized leader in her field.   She started her career as a lawyer in England and upon moving to…

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Caley Hartney (she/her) 

Caley Hartney is an experienced professional that has spent the first decade of her career focusing on supporting young people; through educational opportunities, programs and pursuits, working in both the…

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Debbie King (she/her)

Debbie is a Toronto-based mother, multi-sport athlete, fitness leader and community champion. Since joining Fast & Female in 2018, she has participated in live and online events as a REAL…

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