17 myths about the cyclist-driver relationship that should be reviewed

And I am impartial because I am a driver, a cyclist and, by the way, a motorist (not a biker, which is not the same).

And that is why I have it complicated, it would have been easier directly to green the cyclist collective but I can not and I have to do reflection exercise to get those relevant points that come out in the cyclist-driver relationship and are popularized (some true and others not so much). Let’s see what those damn cyclists think of those damn drivers and vice versa.

Between drivers and cyclists the war is open, it has always been, but specifically in the big cities, the number of bicycles was vastly lower than what is given now and, it must be said, the level of cyclists was higher. Well, it was that before they were cyclists, now we find people on bicycles and cyclists, which is not the same.

One detail to keep in mind is that these types of wars are very common and not the only one. For example, skiers versus snowboarders, skaters versus skaters, mountain bikers versus hikers, road cyclists versus runners, and so we could have a good time.

On the road, we find rivalries such as cars against bikes, cars against motorcycles, cars against trucks, cars against buses, cars against taxis (which are cars but of another race ) … In short, cars against any other vehicle that shares the road, including The rest of the cars, yes, we also have a civil war. Why?

The reason for the rivalries

Simple, because we are always right, we do not make mistakes, if we make a mess the rest they have to endure because “if I have not bothered you”, if we give a touch to another car parking “it has been nothing” (but ours does not touch us) and, obviously, our skills behind the wheel are superior to those of the rest. And if this is not the case and we have assumed that we are not great drivers, it does not matter, the rest of the conditions are met, which are sufficient.

And this in the car is capital, but it is transmitted to any vehicle, device or footwear we use. It’s essence: me good, the rest wrong.

That’s why what happens and we find this kind of rivalry. Today we are going to focus on the car-bike, but if you like I can continue with the list, which luckily or unfortunately I have touched almost all the sticks and I have been on several enemy sides.

Before the exaltation begins I want to clarify that these are generalities, as in everything in this life there are exceptions or, in many cases, there are only a few who do it wrong and, nevertheless, give fame to the rest of the group (a clear example is that of motorcyclists).

Cyclists according to drivers

  • Cyclists believe that the city/highway is theirs (remember it).
  • Cyclists do not know what a red light is.
  • Cyclists ask that the safety distance be respected but that they get into cars.
  • Cyclists in the platoon can only cause accidents.
  • Cyclists are a hindrance to cities because they circulate very slowly and slow down the rest of the vehicles.
  • Cyclists are criminals because they don’t respect traffic rules and, if they hit a car, they run away.
  • Cyclists are a danger, first, they stop you, you overtake them and then they overtake you.
  • Cyclists invade zebra crossings and sidewalks at will, endangering pedestrians.
  • (Read with derogatory tone) Cyclists go by bike because they don’t have money to have a car (heard in person, I promise).

Drivers according to cyclists

  • Drivers believe that the city/highway is theirs (does it sound like something to you?).
  • The drivers think that one span is this and one meter and a half this (both measures marked by separating the hands and, curiously, practically the same).
  • Drivers are selfish people who stop in traffic jams and traffic lights without leaving space to pass between them.
  • The drivers have no idea of ​​the fear that happens when they get stuck behind you.
  • Drivers never slow down when passing a bicycle.
  • The drivers are attacked who throw themselves on you, blow the horn and harass the minimum.
  • The drivers are envious and hump them that we don’t have to get stuck like them.
  • Drivers are not aware of the damage they can produce even without contacting the cyclist.

Do you feel identified with any of these statements?