Assault air bike or CrossFit bike

Surely you have seen in many CrossFit boxes or even in some gym a strange bike that has a kind of fan cage instead of a front-wheel: they are the assault air bike or air bikes, one of the most intense ways to introduce cardio or HIIT training in your training.

If you have not tried the assault air bike, we strongly recommend that you do it with a brief training, if only to see how it coincides and how it differs with elliptical training (which, apparently, could be the cardio machine that more it would seem to him). Testing is the best way to experience how brutally intense the assault air bike training can be.

For those who have no chance to try it, we tell you how this machine works and what you can do in it.

The assault air bike is a hybrid between an exercise bike and an oar that combines with these elements an air-based resistance (that is why that kind of fan cage in the front), which makes that resistance suits each person You will use it.

The more power you perform during your workout, the greater the resistance the assault air bike will exert

During the training with the assault air bike, we give pedals at the same time as we move the handgrips, as we do with an elliptical bike. In this way, we achieve a good cardiovascular work and a good mobilization of both the upper and lower trains. The middle area of ​​our body also works since it is where the movement that we directed to our joints arises and also helps us maintain a correct posture throughout the training.

With the assault air bike, you do not usually do very long workouts, and the sessions on this device are usually exhausting. Its use is generally intended for HIIT training in its different types, performing short periods of training at a high intensity (the pulsations are put through the clouds in a few seconds) with short periods of active and incomplete rest (during which we continue pedaling and moving the grips of the arms).

One of the training that usually come pre-loaded in the assault air bikes (depending on the brand, of course), is the Tabata of four minutes, in which we do eight sets of 20 seconds of work interspersed with 10 seconds of rest. There is also the possibility of working with generated wattage targets (depending on the power of our training), revolutions per minute (to follow an established work rate) or distance traveled, among others.

I have personally tried it on several occasions, almost always at the end of strength training to get some HIIT, and the pre-loaded Tabata training has been more than enough to put my heart to a thousand per hour and to wish those four minutes They will finish as soon as possible.

It is a machine that undoubtedly tests every athlete who climbs on it; very surprising, especially in the first use when we do not expect training as hard as the one it offers.

If you have not tried it yet, take advantage when you have the opportunity to do so!

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