Bike GPS: find out what it is and how to choose the perfect model

Bike GPS is a great way to keep your bike safe: find out how to choose it, how much it costs and why it’s so advantageous to buy one.

More and more people choose to use the bike for their trips or to do sports: for this reason equipping themselves with a good GPS for bike can be an optimal solution to keep under control their vehicle especially for more expensive bikes, such as downhill bikes.
Here are the advantages and the cost.

Why choose the GPS burglar alarm for your bike?

In recent years, the number of people using the bike has increased considerably, especially in urban areas. Unfortunately, the number of bicycles stolen has also increased. It is estimated that more than 3 million bicycles are stolen in Europe in one year.

A safe solution for protecting the bicycle can be to equip oneself with a GPS per bike. This burglar alarm allows you to locate your bike in case of theft. GPS can be used for all types of bikes: racing bikes or a cross bike, mountain bikes and walking bikes. In addition, you can also use this device to control the route you need to cycle or you can use GPS to keep an eye on your children, so they don’t get too far away with their bikes.

It’s a tool that can guarantee maximum safety and allow you to ride your bike with peace of mind, even if you’re simply using it as a vehicle to lose weight and get back in shape.

Bike GPS

How does GPS work for bikes?

The operation of the GPS bike burglar alarm is simple and has the same objective as a motorcycle burglar alarm: to protect your vehicle. The device is very small and light and can be placed under the saddle, in the head tube, in the handlebar or inside the gearbox. However, always in a place that can not be easily detected by some malicious person. The burglar alarm can work in conjunction with your mobile phone’s SIM card and via a smartphone application. As soon as your bike is moved, you receive an alert on your smartphone and you can immediately locate its location. In fact, the map with the coordinates that indicate the location of your bike appears on the phone. You can set the device so that other people you have enabled can also receive the coordinates of your bike.

The bike GPS is powered by a battery that only works when the bike is in motion. This gives the battery several days of autonomy, but then you have to remember to recharge it.

How much does the GPS per bike cost?

The price of a GPS per bike varies depending on the model and brand. Keep in mind that a GPS for cheap bikes costs around 10 euros, while for one of the most sophisticated the price reaches up to 150 euros. If you have an expensive bike you should choose a burglar alarm at the height, so you can have greater security when parking your bike both when you are out and when you put it in the shelter in your garage.

If you are thinking of buying a GPS for your bike, just surf the Internet to find the shops that sell and install this type of burglar alarm. Comfortably from home you can compare the available models and the different prices, to make a really safe purchase. Then all you have to do is go to the shop to have your bike GPS installed. So no one can take away the pleasure of going anywhere with your bike.