Five tips to survive your first spinning class or indoor cycle

Many of the people who see it from outside often think that it is possible for people to queue for such torture, but those who are inside giving pedals enjoy it as dwarves . Especially if it is not your first class, in which you only think about going out.

If you want to encourage yourself to try an indoor cycle class but still go with some fear of the unknown, we give you five valuable tips to survive your first spinning class (and to become more motivated even the next day).

Talk to the teacher before starting class

Personally, I have experienced this from both sides: as a student, when I entered my first spinning classes, and as a teacher, when I started teaching indoor cycle classes. In both cases and from both sides it is necessary that when we start a new activity, especially if it is this, let us notify the teacher that we are newbies so that he can give us the relevant indications.

As a student, you will feel safer taking it for granted that the teacher knows that you are not a bike pro; As a teacher, being able to be more attentive to the people who start, making them feel comfortable and not demanding more than they can give, is a way for those students to enjoy the class and repeat in the future.

You don’t have to do the whole class: rest when you need it

Rare is the occasion when a person who enters a spinning class for the first time can complete the entire class, and nothing happens because it is perfectly normal: it is a new activity that you have never done and that will probably require you an effort that you have never done. Do not be overwhelmed by not being able to keep up with the same rhythm of the classmates who have been practicing for months or years.

If in your first or first classes you need to sit at some point when you have to pedal standing, or if you need to lower the pedaling rate, do it without problems. The only thing we do recommend is that you do not stop pedaling at your own pace: keep a comfortable cadence and resistance during the first classes to get used to your body to the effort.

Don’t forget the water bottle

Hydrating while doing sports is essential both to avoid possible problems such as dehydration and to maintain good performance throughout the session. Hydrating during a spinning class or indoor cycle is even more important because you’re going to lose a lot of water through sweat.

Generally, spinning workouts are done in small and closed classes (and soundproofed, so as not to share the music with the rest of the gym) where many people accumulate making a big effort at the same time. The teacher will establish the ideal moments to hydrate, but if you need to do it before, drink without problems. Also, hydrate before and after class: the water will be enough to maintain an effort of 45 minutes, the isotonic drink is not necessary.

Look closely at the technique and posture

Take advantage of those first classes in which you will not go to the maximum to pay attention to your posture on the bicycle and the technique of pedaling : laying the foundations of a good posture from the beginning will help you make your pedaling more efficient and, Above all, to avoid possible injuries and pains that you may have when you engage in spinning.

Also, make sure that from your first class you learn to regulate the spinning bike well: spending 45 minutes on a poorly regulated bike will not only make you uncomfortable, but it can lead to injuries, especially in the knees. These are things we must learn from day one.

Give yourself time to start enjoying

The spinning and indoor cycle classes are hard, but they are so energetic and lively that at the same time they are very very enjoyable and very much hooked. However, it is very possible that this does not happen in your first class and that you get out of there thinking about how crazy this is and how badly the torture has ended.

Give yourself time to start enjoying, at least a couple of weeks: if the spinning doesn’t convince you thereafter, maybe it’s not the best activity for you. Nor is it a drama: the gym is full of classes that you can try until you find the one you like best and the one that best suits your needs. But don’t pretend to enjoy to the fullest from minute one: patience is always a virtue.