The basic equipment to go out with the mountain bike for the first time

They say that riding a bike is not forgotten. Whether you have considered resuming this magnificent habit as if you just had a mountain bike and want to start making trips through the mountains, it is essential that you go equipped.

Bibs and jerseys

Bibs and jerseys are the technical clothing for cycling. These are light garments that favor perspiration and that fit our bodies.

In this way, on the one hand, they prevent us from rubbing against the components of the bike (if we wear normal pants it could get caught with the chain) and on the other, they minimize friction with the air, so that they allow us to practice this sport of comfortable way.

They also have reinforcement zones in those parts that are going to be subjected to friction, reflective details to gain visibility and zippers that speed up the putting on and taking off of the garments.

If you also dare to go out with the bike in autumn or winter, there are shorts and long thermal weave jerseys that protect us from wind, water, and low temperatures.

Bib shorts

B-Pro shorts

If your idea is to get on the bike from time to time, especially if it’s good, this B-Pro short is a great alternative. Its fabric keeps skin dry from sweat and is resistant. With reflective and elastic zones for greater comfort.

B-Pro Performance shorts

From the same brand, we find this model with braces for greater support and the same resistant and breathable fabric for occasional cyclists looking for a model with good value for money.

Dhb Classic Thermal bib shorts

If the idea is to leave also in bad weather, dbh has two very interesting models in its catalog. The first one has braces, zippers and reflective bands to promote visibility. Its fabric is very resistant, ergonomic and thermal, but at the same time, it promotes perspiration.

Dhb Classic Thermal bib shorts

And if you prefer the same strapless model for more freedom, it is also available. With airtight zippers, reflective details, protective pad.


Endura Hummvee Lite Jersey

This Endura men’s jersey is designed for warmer days. It is very light and breathable and has 25 sun protection and antibacterial fabric to avoid bad odors due to sweat. With pockets and reflective details.

Vaude Tamaro Shirt III

Another model for men for those hot days is this Vaude, available in various colors. With several pockets and zippers, especially lightweight and breathable fabric and manufactured in a sustainable way.

Santini Women’s QOM Short Sleeve Jersey

This women’s summer jersey is recommended for temperatures between 18 and 35 degrees for its lightness and breathability. It is also fast drying. The zipper reaches the bottom so that it can be released if necessary. It is tight but very comfortable and with 5 pockets.

Etxeondo Gure

The prestigious Basque cycling firm Etxeondo has in its catalog this elegant, breathable and sober design summer jersey. With 3 pockets, reflective parts and zip-up down to better control perspiration.

Santini Ocean Winter

If the idea is also to go out on cold days, this Santini jersey is perfect to protect us from cold and wind as it maintains body temperature thanks to its combination of fabrics and extremely tight design. It is warm and at the same time removes sweat. With reflective details.

Castelli Synergy

And for women this jersey of the Castelli brand, completely black but with reflective areas. It has airtight zippers and thermal reinforcement in the chest area. With pockets and breathable areas.


Cycling shoes fulfill a very important mission: to provide sufficient support to the pedal so as not to slip and at the same time be able to push ourselves during the climbs. They also prevent us from slipping and losing balance.

Luck Extreme

Magnificent value for money from these MTB cycling shoes from Luck. Its exterior is made of breathable microfibers [with carbon sole, heel and toe reinforcements and triple velcro for greater fixation. They are unisex.

Catlike Sirius

This unisex Catlike model provides great comfort for the user thanks to the design of its last and its sole. With heel reinforcements and nylon sole.

Spiuk Altuve

The Spiuk Altuve is unisex, very light and resistant. With textured reinforcements in areas exposed to abrasion and Drilling Shell System technology to improve perspiration. Its sole is made of fiberglass and polyamide to improve the transmission of effort during pedaling, with a special design to achieve more grip and traction.


Gloves are one of those accessories that are easy to overlook. This garment protects our hands against the effort we make on the handlebars, preventing calluses and other wear. Also, if it is winter, they protect us from the cold and the wind.


These from B-Pro are a basic model for occasional cyclists with a design that integrates reinforced areas and others with mesh to facilitate perspiration. With velcro closure and gel reinforcement in the palm of the hand.

B-Pro Performance

We can also find a B-Pro model for occasional cyclists but in winter version, with completely covered fingers and windproof fabric on the back. With gel inserts on the palm, reflective parts on the windproof membrane back. It facilitates perspiration and allows manipulating screens.


These Endura gloves are for those who practice more extreme mountain biking. Elastic, very resistant, with light mesh to sweat, palms, and fingers with silicone parts for greater grip and synthetic leather palm with laser-cut perforations for ventilation.


The helmet is a fundamental part for cyclists, either for those who practice this sport in the city, by road or in mountainous areas. The helmet protects our head against impacts against the ground or other objects.

For the practice of MTB, it is usual to get a helmet that also protects the neck. In addition, they favor ventilation and protect from the sun.

NEO Basecamp

A basic helmet for those who practice MTB is this Basecamp. It provides optimal cranial coverage and safety when cradling the occipital bone. It has 18 large vents for maximum ventilation and provides lightness. With a universal fit, it fits most standard sizes for adults.


This helmet from the renowned Bollé firm is designed taking into account the protection of the entire head and the integration of elements such as sunglasses (if you are not using them) and an LED light that comes integrated with two light modes. It is a lightweight, ergonomic and quick-fit model.

Catlike leaf

Leaf of Catlike is a very comfortable helmet with good protection thanks to it’s rear, height and side adjustments. Includes visor and mosquito net. With 23 ventilation holes.

Hydration packs

Whether for short routes in winter or for long adventures during the summer, hydration is essential during sports. Although the bottles are the most classic resource, the “Camelbak” backpacks allow us to drink water directly from a reservoir that is in these small backpacks, so that it is not necessary to set foot on the ground.


A very attractive model for its benefits is this one from Lixada. It is a small backpack of 5 liters of capacity Lixada with a bag of 2 liters as a tank. It is light, resistant and with several pockets.


Another option is to get an authentic Camelbak. It has a suction system optimized for less effort, ergonomic handle and a liter and a half water tank. It has a breathable mesh back panel and several pockets.

Repair on the go

Although the bicycles do not have an engine, their mechanics are not without complications, so it is best to go to a professional for repairs. However, making small adjustments such as swelling the wheels or adjusting the saddle is suitable for almost anyone. Also, unforeseen events may arise during the route and it is always better to be prepared.



This Velo is a simple and compact inflator with adjustments to fix your bike with relative comfort. It is compatible with road and mountain tires.


It is important to check the condition of the wheels and their pressure before starting a route, but just in case it is better to carry a pocket inflator. This one from Zefal is very compact and lightweight (it is made of aluminum) and is suitable for both mountain and road wheels.

Puncture spray

This spray is applied directly to the wheel as if we were going to swell it and seal the cracks of up to 2 millimeters in order to continue the march. East of Zefal has 100 milliliters. Another alternative is the Velox spray with slightly less capacity but with a metal nozzle.

Tools kit

Adjusting the handlebar or saddle, releasing a wheel, fixing a nut that is loose … Carrying a small tool kit can save our day. This multitool is made up of 11 B-Pro tools with Allen wrenches of various sizes and chain extractor.

There are more complete kits like this, consisting of a multitool like the previous one plus a pump to inflate, patches and a bag to store everything and always carry it with us.

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