To work by bike

Many people from all over the world share their photos and experiences on social networks every day, moving on two wheels (and without a motor, of course) in the city under the hashtag. And for a while now the bicycle has been growing in large cities as an alternative, economical, ecological and increasingly safe means of transport.

If you are still thinking about whether it is worth investing in a bike or taking your license for community bicycles from town halls, we tell you what are the benefits you will get by going to work by bike.

  • You will improve your overall health: specifically, by giving pedals every day you can improve both your cardiovascular system and the muscles of your legs and your central area. If you also live in a city with slopes and catch some uphill on your way, get ready to work your buttocks. For all those who claim that they do not have time in their day to day exercise, cycling around the city can be a good solution.
  • You will save at the end of the month: you do not need a very expensive bike to move around the city, and at the end of the month the savings regarding using your own car or motorcycle, or even public transport, you end up noticing. If you do not want to make a great investment on a bike, you can always opt for rental bikes. If you have your own bike, just make sure that you carry all the mandatory accessories (white light, red light, red catapryptic, and bell) and keep it in good condition: maintenance is not very expensive.
  • You will surely save time: every time we find more bike lanes in the cities ( with more or less success in its design ) that not only collaborate at the time that our routes are safer, but also facilitate circulation and allow us to save time. If you are tired of those eternal traffic jams every morning or that public transport does not pass on time, consider moving to the bike.
  • You will help improve the environment: and remember that this is everyone’s business. The more cyclists in the city who leave the car parked, the lower the CO2 emissions and the better the air quality that all citizens breathe.

If you are a rookie with a bike you can start with short journeys, combining the bicycle with public transport: little by little you will be taking it easy and, over time, going to work by bike will be a pleasure.