Training on two wheels at home is possible

If you are a bicycle lover, what you like most is training outdoors: rolling on roads or in the mountains is one of the best options when training on two wheels, so we work our lower train to it Time we enjoy nature.

But there are times when this is not possible and we are forced to stay at home: either due to lack of time, adverse weather conditions or, why not because you like to take the spinning bike and stay covered. For these occasions, and as we did when we talked about Pilates and Yoga, we tell you how you can get fit on two wheels in your own room, either on the road bike or on the spinning bike.

The most important thing: the team, what will you need?

Here we find two different situations: on the one hand, we have outdoor cyclists who already have a bike and who need a roller to train at home. On the other hand, we have people who prefer to opt for an exercise or spinning bike to train only indoors.

If you already have a road bike

In this case, what you need is a roller to roll inside the house. There are different types of rollers within a wide range of prices and that respond to different needs. From the magnetic rollers (the cheapest, but also less realistic and noisier) to the direct drive rollers (the most expensive, and which replace the rear wheel) through the fluid rollers and the traditional rollers. We are not going to analyze one by one on this occasion, but in Hispanoracing you can see its general characteristics and a good ranking.

In addition to the roller, you may need other equipment such as a carpet or mat to place the bike and a spare cover for the rear wheel. There are special covers that are harder than usual and are recommended for roller use.

If you want to buy a stationary or spinning bike

If your intention is to buy a bicycle to train at home, you will have to choose between a traditional static and a spinning one. The spinning bike, although it can be more expensive, is much more versatile: it allows you to simply roll or perform spinning sessions (something we definitely do not recommend doing on an exercise bike ) thanks to its inertia wheel, which gives us a feeling much closer to being on a road bike.

In this case, personally, I would always opt for the spinning bike ahead of the traditional static: they have greater possibilities of regulation, the posture is much more hygienic, they are usually less “hulk”… In short, it is worth investing a little more If we know that we will use it. In this article, you can inform yourself about the different things that you should value when buying a spinning bike.

Applications to train with your bike at home

After talking about the basic material we need to train (the bicycle and the roller, if necessary), let’s also talk about how technology helps us to train from home as if we were outdoors or in the gym. We give you a few alternatives to train at home: Bestcycling to use with your spinning bike, and BKool and Zwift to use with a roller.

Best cycling

They started broadcasting all the videos on YouTube, but now it has become an online training platform for virtual classes on demand (some gyms also use it). With a fairly affordable monthly subscription (from 5 euros per month if you hire a full year) you can access different spinning classes that are renewed monthly, live classes, follow-up with a virtual coach, etc. Classes are usually very well structured, with graphs where we are informed of the profile of the session and the training areas.

Best Cycling also has a service to meet the demands of spinning professionals, who can use the tools available in the application to create graphs of their own sessions that are very useful for both teachers and students.

In addition, the Best Cycling platform also has indoor elliptical classes and its “Best Cycling Challenge”: a plan specifically designed to lose weight with the help of its virtual classes. All the information you have on its official website.


A very complete virtual simulator that allows us to shoot almost any route in the world in 3D, in addition to conducting velodrome sessions, training, online competitions with other cyclists … All from eight euros a month if we hire it for a Year, a very affordable price. BKool has a lot of training possibilities, and also allows us to connect with its intelligent rollers that reproduce the conditions of the route creating more or less resistance depending on its characteristics.


Very similar to BKool, it is the other great virtual cycling route simulator compatible with almost all rollers and also with intelligent rollers. As in the previous case, they connect to the computer, tablet or mobile phone by means of a USB stick, and also reproduce the conditions of the route.

Like BKool, it also has a social or gamification component with which we can shoot accompanied by virtual cyclists or compete with them. Perhaps one of the most interesting things is that you can connect with Strava, where we can see not only the route but also all the other statistics offered by the application, including the segments through which we have passed.

With these applications and the right equipment, you are ready to train on the bike in your own home. It only remains to get to work!